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Jan and Raimi Press photographed all 30 of the works and Perry Crimi of Vital Signs installed the vinyl wraps on aluminum sheets

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Barbara Sax, Hugh Mahon and Robert Patton have installed the works on the benches throughout town

MAP ZONES  Bench Project.jpg

Map of the benches


Opening Reception June 8, 2023,  6:30 — 8:30pm

Livingston Municipal Building

357 South Livingston Avenue

The Arts Council of Livingston and the Livingston Business District have come together to present a public arts exhibition, "Livingston: The Seat of Creativity", which is currently on display along Livingston Avenue. Thirty works of art have been selected from over 100 submissions which have been reproduced in vinyl wrapped aluminum and attached to the public benches. 


The display will run from Memorial Day through the Fall.” A parallel display of the original artwork will be exhibited at the Municipal Building, at , Livingston, from June 8th until June 27th . The public is invited to an Opening Reception at the Municipal Building on Thursday evening, June 8 th from 6:30p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


1 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave and S. Livingston Ave (Haven Savings Bank)
Nancy Dinar (Highline Windows)
Jan Press (Basin Rock)
Mariette Boerstoel (Feathery Being)
Joanne Leone (Untitled)

40 S. Livingston Ave (in front of Livingston Framers)
Hugh Mahon (Lily Pads)
Louise Wheeler (Pixilated Sunflowers)

43 S. Livingston Ave. (in front of Dunkin Donuts)
Judyann Affronti (Branch Office)
Leonard Merlo (Guitar)
Sue Greenwald (Suncatcher)

163 S. Livingston Ave (in front of Antonio’s strip mall)
Evan Marshall (City on a Hill)
Lynn Manshel (Explosion)
Audrey Bartner (Seduction/Woman with a Hat)

185 S. Livingston Ave and W. Cedar St)
Alexis Rubinstein (Royal Purple)


201 S. Livingston Ave (in front of Medical Bldg)
Andrew Burger (One Eyed Susans and Lavendar)
Ivone Martins (Fall’s Feast)
Michal Barkai (Verona Cherries and Overpass)

255 S. Livingston Ave. (Kings)
Irene Feigen (Love is the Answer)
Rhoda Weinstein (Flowers in a Pot)
Stacey Laken (Endless Love)
Barbara Sax (Re-Opening)

280 S. Livingston Ave and Belmont (7 Eleven)
Ali Brief (Faces of Diversity)

301 S. Livingston Ave. and Oakwood Ave. (near Santander Bank)
Bill Sarnowski (Glorious Koi Fish)
Viv Olshen (Family)
Chas Palminteri (Helix III)

357 S. Livingston Ave (in front of Town Hall)
Bob Patton (OK, Your Move)
Joan Speare (Pretty in Pots)
Bud Endress (Horns in a Box)
Ry An (Curiosities)
Martine Kasmin (Laying in a Field of Flowers)
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